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When the US economy is in shambles and the government is excessively taxing the people,  a war begins in the desolate city after a civilian who wants to prove a point and help those around him takes the funds from a federal reserve to redistribute the wealth to the people.

Distribution follows a fight between old friends as they try to take down a federal reserve in an alternate US economy where the infrastructure and economy have completely changed for the worse. In this economy you're either rich or poor; there is no middle class. One man wants to help his community and the people around him to prove a point to the government who has completely neglected the people, and one man wants to escape life by taking all the funds for himself and skipping town. A fight between two men turns into a war in the city as civil unrest erupts, corruption is exposed, and conspiracies are toppled. 




Jericho, a husband, father, and business man, finds a phone containing a disturbing picture of a missing woman. Driven by all the grief in his own life, he mistakenly tumbles into a dark underworld while he tracks down the woman and her captors.

Pre-Production promotional poster featuring musician Tyler Carter as "Aaron" the arms dealer.

Pre-Production promotional poster featuring musician Tyler Carter as "Aaron" the arms dealer.

Pre-Production poster

Pre-Production poster



Shortly after moving to Lynch Mountain, Kia and her family begin being haunted by the slaves who were murdered there 200 years ago.

LM PrePro Poster 5.jpg



A couple wake up in the night to a man searching for something in their home. After they are forced to kill him in self defense, they decide to take one hour before calling the police to search for what they hope is a hidden fortune.


"BY NIGHT’S END 2 (working title)"


Synopsis coming soon.



A group of military vets reunite in South Korea to take their newly married squad mate out on his bachelor party they never threw him. When they return from the night’s affair, they find his Korean bride gone; kidnapped and transported over the border into North Korean territory. They quickly pack their bags and deploy an unsanctioned mission into the unknown land to discover her whereabouts.



A young valet attendant who is bored with life and the monotony that comes with it, falls asleep in the wrong man's car during an overnight shift. He wakes up in the middle of a precarious deal unbeknownst to the owner of the vehicle and is then sucked into an exciting adventure.



A lonely storage unit facility guard must fight back against his new found enemies who have framed him for a detective's murder and are pressuring him to kill a local family who's storage unit contains damning evidence of their dealings.  



Detective Paul Stanley has lost his sister to a kidnapping incident with no clues. In hopes of finding her, he follows a lead on a string of child kidnapping cases.



During WWII, a squad of US soldiers, and one British sniper, are tasked with finding gold stashes supposedly taken by the Nazi's and hidden in various parts of Germany. During their long trek to find each marked cache, they discover they aren't the only ones searching for the gold; a lieutenant guided by Hitler and a German mercenary fight to capture the treasures.



Based on the 2004 released video game Driv3r. 
FBI Agent John Tanner finds himself in the perfect position to go undercover as the driver of the most ruthless car theft operation in the city of Miami. Tanner needs to find the head of the gang, they need a driver to retrieve the last few exotic orders on a huge shipment to Europe. 



Internal affairs agent Blake Carston is forced to work with the dirty detective who he's trying to put behind bars when a former incarcerated cop comes back for revenge taking out anyone who put him away, including Blake.



Based on EA games' 2003 title Everything or Nothing, Bond must sink into the unknown as he tries to stop a maniacal organization from threatening the world with nanobots that can destroy any infrastructure made of metal in an attempt to persuade the world's leaders of their ideologies. 



45 minute Action/Adventure pilot

A mysterious loan shark, with an unorthodox debt repayment plan, is forced to use his wealth and knowledge of the criminal underworld to fight the most unpredictable criminals being dumped on the city by a shadowy foe. 


25 minute Action/Adventure pilot

Based on 2005's popular video game "BLACK," Jack Kellar, a CIA black ops team member, recounts the strange missions he and his team were pushed into as they track down the world's deadliest terrorist organization, Seventh Wave. 


25 minute Comedy pilot

A group of inept and introverted writers must go out and experience worldly events to be able to complete their writing assignments for the two bit studio that has hired them.


A spec script for the hit TV show Burn Notice. 
Micheal Weston is called back to Miami when his friends and their new business venture are threatened. 




Based on James DeMonaco's creation "The Purge."
A young stunt women leaves the insanity of the city to go back to the sleepy old town she grew up in to stay with her parents on the night of the Purge, come to find out, the small town isn't as quiet as she expected it to be.



While two seemingly ordinary dads get together for their daughters to have a play date, trucks arrive outside filled with men armed like they're in a Michael Bay film. Which dad is hiding a bad ass secret?



A young boy named David has grown up his entire life in a wheelchair feeling unable to be a true kid. Things start to change when the neighbors move in and another young kid barges into his life.